Meet your future in the digital world

Online career event with webinars, speeddating and networking around the theme "digital"

About this Event

Meet Your Future in the Digital World is our next big online career event on Thursday 18 February!

The Northern Netherlands has so much to offer when it comes to digital jobs, companies and projects. At this online event, you can find your future employer without even leaving your own house. This is going to save you loads of time and frustration.

You will be able to plan meetings with as many companies of your interest as you want and see if there is a match. You can also speed date with companies; and get in touch with them through video call and chat.

There will be inspiring webinars and round table conversations about the latest projects and developments here in the North where you can learn what is trending, what the future will look like and how you can prepare yourself for it. In addition, you can get to know what it’s like to work at the various digital-related companies and jobs offered in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe.

Sign up early to be informed of webinars that will happen before the event. These webinars will offer you information and support to apply for a job in the Netherlands; and to get the most out of this career event.

At the event, there will be jobs on different educational levels, different required work experience (intern, starter, experienced) and for different languages (Dutch, English). The event will be entirely in English.

For companies

We have a great amount of highly skilled and highly educated, English-speaking talent in the Northern Netherlands. With this event, we want to bring you in touch with this enthusiastic and highly motivated group of people. Our messaging reaches over 50.000 potential future employees - students, recent graduates, and professionals with experience. Whether you only have one job that has to do with digital, or your whole company is dedicated to a digital purpose, we happily invite you to participate in this event.

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