Going horizontal

Business as usual is not an option anymore

What are the skills and practices I need to thrive in a more horizontal, self-organised and flexible future of work? Are you looking to clarify or strengthen the way you bring more purpose, accountability or transparency into your organisation or community? Are you curious about shared decision-making and self-directed learning and development? What would our interactions look like if we approached each other with curiosity, openness and trust?

This 3-day training is a hands-on experience to help you develop and expand horizontal ways of working across 7 domains of practices. Rooted in real organisational experiences – tried and tested across many contexts – you will live the experience of truly working with shared leadership and acquire practices and tools that can immediately be put to use in your context.

Lykle de Vries: "Dit is een bijzondere training, die vooral interessant is voor mensen die heel serieus naar grotere autonomie in hun organisatie kijken. Mensen die al ervaring hebben met holacratisch werken zeggen dat dit wellicht het ontbrekende puzzelstukje zou kunnen zijn." 

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