Professor by special appointment Economics & Finance from a Humanist Perspective


Faculty of Economics and Business


University of Groningen

The Stichting Socrates has enabled the creation of a chair Economics and Finance from a Humanist Perspective. The chair will be housed and coordinated at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen.
The chair will be for the period of 5 years, for 8 hours a week. (In the event of a positive final evaluation after 5 years, reappointment may be possible.) The position is unpaid. The Stichting Socrates will support the chair with a modest annual expense allowance.

Stichting Socrates
Stichting Socrates is a humanist institution that promotes the exchange of ideas about fundamental social and cultural issues confronting modern humanism, and the academic consideration of the principles of and background to humanism. Stichting Socrates is part of the Humanist Society (Humanistisch Verbond). For more information (in Dutch only):

Job description

Duties and responsibilities of the professor
The position involves the duties usually undertaken by a professor with regard to teaching, research and administration. The following tasks are particularly important:

Teaching: The Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen collaborate on the master’s degree programme in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). The University of Groningen envisions a Socrates professorship within this framework, particularly in the form of an elective open to master’s students from both faculties as well as students from the master’s in PPE, and contributions to the master’s thesis supervision. The teaching duties of the professor by special appointment may, if required, become university-wide. The course unit will then be open to students from other faculties, universities and universities of applied sciences, and anyone else interested in humanism and the humanist tradition.

Research: The Socrates professor will concentrate in his/her research on what Nobel Prizewinner Robert Shiller called ‘finance and the good society’: the relationship between financial economics and quality of life, a good life and life art, and justice and ethics. The humanist perspective on this relationship focuses on understanding economics as a practice that imparts meaning to life, and by the creative actualization of assumptions about the rationality of financial actors.


• has a PhD in a discipline or subject relevant to Economics and Finance from a humanist perspective, preferable economics or philosophy
• has an outstanding research reputation or professional experience in a relevant field: economics or finance with a philosophical aspect, or philosophy with particular attention to economics issues
• is an outstanding presenter / lecturer, where possible illustrated by evaluations/student evaluations and teaching qualifications
• has an interest in developing teaching and research in economics and finance from a humanist perspective, including in an international context
• is open to collaboration with philosophy, sociology and political sciences, and prepared to contribute to the specific aims of the Centre for Philosophy, Politics and Economics
• has the ability to represent the humanist perspective, by definition in a non-dogmatic way, including to a wider public
• is familiar with the humanist tradition and prepared to demonstrate this in public debates
• has academic leadership qualities, coaching and stimulating skills and the ability to work as a team player
• has good communication skills and inspirational qualities.

Conditions of employment

Contract length: 60 months.

Profile of the chair
The Structural Report (dated 1-5-2017) for this chair by special appointment, including the profile and the job requirements linked to the Socrates professor, can be found on the website of the Stichting Socrates: (under “Actueel” (in Dutch)).

The University of Groningen and the Stichting Socrates aim to promote gender balance within the University. Women are therefore particularly encouraged to apply.

You may apply for this position until 1 October / before 2 October 2017 Dutch local time by means of the application form (click on "Apply" below on the advertisement on the university website).

Applications must be accompanied by:
- a letter of motivation
- a curriculum vitae
- two articles / chapters representing the work of the applicant.

Unsolicited marketing is not appreciated.

Additional information

For additional information, please contact:

Prof. B. de Bruin, Secretary of the Advisory Committee

In your application, please always include the job opening ID 217231

Digital application form