Assistant/associate professor in mucosal immunology


Working Enviroment

The UMCG is linked to the University of Groningen (UG). Research, teaching, professional training and patient care are closely integrated and the research facilities are excellent. The UMCG’s mission is ‘Building the Future of Health’ which is achieved by focusing its research on mechanisms of disease, innovative treatments and prevention.
The UMCG and UG jointly set up ERIBA, the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing. Furthermore, research at the UMCG is embedded in five Institutes: GUIDE (Chronic Diseases and Drug Exploration), BCN (Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences), SHARE (Science in Healthy Ageing and health caRE), W.J. Kolff (Biomaterials), and CRCG (Fundamental, Clinical and Translational Cancer Research). More information about the research programmes: Find our Institutes - UMCG - Research

Job description

As an assistant/associate professor in mucosal immunology you will contribute to the core tasks of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG): research, teaching, care and societal impact. You will do so in a team, both within your department and your research institute.

To strengthen our team we now have a position available for a highly talented mucosal immunologist with a PhD or MD/PhD degree who has successfully completed relevant post-doctoral training. Our ambition is to further understand the disturbed homeostasis between the mucosal immune-system and the gut microbial content to identify potential drug targets or leads for personalizing treatment. We expect the new team member to work on functional translation of findings from ongoing large scale multi-omics (e.g. microbiome, genomic, scRNAseq) analyses in the context of chronic intestinal diseases, by making use of state of the art research technologies. In the research center there is a strong focus on using available human materials (e.g. intestinal biopsies, intestinal organoids, iPSCs) in in vitro/ex vivo model systems like gut-on-a-chip technology, which should be complemented by human immunological approaches.

We are looking for a team player with an excellent track record in mucosal immunology at an internationally competitive level. The candidate should have an interest in collaboration with clinicians to work on clinically relevant research aimed at improving patient care. The successful candidate is expected to build or extend an independent research line, at an internationally competitive level and connecting immunologists with other specializations.


- PhD degree for at least 5 years on reference date 1 January 2021
- Good research record in mucosal immunology demonstrated by:
-Original research papers in international top journals in mucosal immunology
-Presentations at scientific conferences
-Reviews, research opinions or other publications showing your contribution to the field
-Other research output, e.g. patents, methods, databases
-Citation record
-Any means to show the value and influence of your research, e.g. uptake in policy documents or practice guidelines
- Success in acquiring external funding for research projects
- Proof of independence
- Willing/ability to work in an interdisciplinary setting
- Team player and demonstrable organizational qualities and communication skills
- A well-founded and motivated application with an innovative research plan for the first five years taking into account the international research landscape in mucosal immunology.
- A good teaching record, including a university teaching qualification or the willingness to obtain one.
- A track record of working with clinicians is a pre.

Conditions of employment

In accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for the Dutch University Medical Centers, we offer:
- An assistant or- depending on your track record- associate professor position
- A start-up package for your research including a 4-year PhD position and € 250.000 research bench fee.
- Dual career support for partners of new UMCG staff moving to Groningen

You are invited to apply before 23 August 2021 by means of the application form (click on "Apply" below).

Applicants should submit:
1. A full curriculum vitae including a complete list of publications and other research output and a list of five selected ‘best papers’ (preferably including copies) (file 1.)
2. A letter of motivation including the names and contact information (including e-mail address) of 3 referees (file 2.)
3. A 3-5 page statement of research accomplishments and future research goals and a teaching statement (file 3.)
The application files should be sent electronically in PDF format.
Applications with missing credentials will not be taken into consideration.
An assessment may be part of the selection procedure.
Unsolicited marketing is not appreciated.

Additional information

For more information about this vacancy you may contact:

prof. dr. Rinse Weersma
dr. Elizabeth Koier

Applying for a job

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