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In postgraduate medical training (PGME) and continuing medical education (CME), high-fidelity simulation followed by debriefing (i.e. facilitated discussion) is often used to train non-technical skills. An increase in the application of simulation in health care education modality has resulted in the development of various debriefing methods for various learning needs, along with research describing variations in debriefing design and delivery. To be able to optimize debriefing practices, it is necessary to gain insight in, for instance, what the key elements are of effective debriefing and which debriefing skills are appropriate for which purposes. The wide variety of reviews into debriefing already performed call for a clear overview of the outcomes of these reviews. Therefore, the candidate will perform a metareview and synthesize what is known about debriefing: What are the common grounds and differences in terms of, for instance, the motives to perform a review on debriefing, which were the focuses and outcomes of the reviews, and what recommendations were done for practice and for future research? Can outcomes and patterns found in the existing reviews on debriefing be explained from characteristics of the reviews and/or on contextual differences? In this metareview, we aim to get insight in the wide body of knowledge on debriefing in order to be able to provide recommendations for best practice and /or to plan new research that may add to what is already known.


This job entails a research project focusing on postgraduate medical training in the Skills Center of the UMCG. During your research period, you will have the opportunity to observe simulation training in the skills center and on the ward/in situ. During these simulation trainings, health care professionals and students from different medical departments can practice all kinds of technical and non-technical skills and interprofessional teamwork. You will learn how to perform a literature search in a systematic way and how to perform a systematic review. Based on the work done, you will – under supervision – write a thesis that will reflect the most important findings as to debriefing practices and that will include recommendations for practice and future research. Although not part of the internship, we aim for a scientific publication about this study; depending on the quality of your work, your contribution to the scientific publication and on your interest, you may be a coauthor or even the first author of this publication, but the process of writing this scientific manuscript will take place after the research internship. If you are interested and if there is a possibility to, you may even be involved in or take the lead in a follow-up project resulting in scientific publications.

Wat vragen wij

An ambitious student who:
- Is eager to learn new things.
- Is self-motivated, meticulous, consistent, reliable, service- en result-oriented.
- Has high proficiency in reading and writing English.
- Is a real team player, who also works autonomously when performing tasks.
- Has interest in performing scientific research.

Application is possible in English or Dutch and should at least include a description of interests/ motivation for your topic of interest.

The duration of this full-time internship will be 20 weeks.

If you are interested in applying for this research internship you will find an application form below, please upload your CV and motivation letter.

Wat bieden wij

- An UMCG internship agreement.
- A valuable research experience guided by an international supervisor team at the UMCG.
- A pleasant and flexible learning environment that encourages you to take initiatives and to develop your professional and personal skills (adaptability, responsibility, pro-active approach).
- A part in a growing network of students, researchers, trainers, and educators with great potential for further project development.
- Access to regular scientific meetings (WEBSTER, LEARN).
- The possibility to get a preview of simulation trainings hosted by the skills center, and, if you are interested, involvement in training sessions and/or debriefing can be discussed.
- Flexible workplaces with computer and telephone.

Meer informatie

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Please use the the digital application form at the bottom of this page - only these will be processed. Immediately after sending the digital application form you will receive an email- confirmation with further information. The application deadline stated in the vacancy overview does not apply to this vacancy. It will remain on the website until a suitable student has been found for the assignment.

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