QSIL Nederland B.V.

QSIL is a leading producer of fused quartz products, which are sold under the trademark ilmasil® and PH. Its products are widely supplied throughout the global market from the factories in Germany and The Netherlands. The sole focus of QSIL is the manufacture of fused quartz. This covers the raw material treatment, the fusion of heavy wall cylinders, the manufacturing of small and large diameter tubes, and the fabrication of customized products.

With many years' experience in the melting and fabrication of fused quartz, as well as having state of the art processing technologies and quality control equipment, QSIL has unique capabilities to supply our customers with products of the highest quality. As a result, QSIL materials have been certified by leading OEMs.

Our worldwide customer base relies on the quality and performance they receive from QSIL’s products. QSIL’s main objective is to supply products which bring the highest level of value to our customers.