(Senior) Business Developer Computer Vision & Data Science

Would you like to make a thorough contribution to the quality of education in Artificial Intelligence and to the social mission of higher professional education in the Northern Netherlands? Are you the link between education and the professional fields?

As a passionate and experienced Computer Vision & Data Science expert, NHL Stenden offers you a unique opportunity: you can use your knowledge and expertise combined you’re your passion to connect with external parties for building a broad portfolio of projects for the research group. You will be an ambassador for our professorship and you will use your network for acquiring new clients to work with. These tasks, combined with the knowledge in the field of deep learning and computer vision, makes of our professorship an environment full of exciting opportunities.

For the professorship Computer Vision & Data Science, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is looking for a Senior business developer in the area of Computer Vision & Data Science.

Who are we?
Things happen by doing them. That is what we at NHL Stenden believe. We give our students the opportunity to develop their talents optimally. In a modern research environment, they themselves give direction to their studies and professional growth. We have strong ties with companies and institutions in the region, but also across the border. As an international multi-campus university of applied sciences, we encourage our students to look beyond their own field of study to develop new knowledge and participate in innovative projects. We create a meeting place where flows of knowledge and cultures come together and where new connections with the work field are created. In an ambitious way, NHL Stenden provides knowledge that works! 

As a Senior business developer, you will work at the Computer Vision & Data Science professorship. The research group consists of 7 FTEs including , professor Jaap van de Loosdrecht and associate professor Klaas Dijkstra. 

What does the position entail?
As a Senior business developer Computer Vision & Data Science, you are an important link between our clients and our research group. You make sure that our research group is well known within the industry. Another task is acquiring new projects for our research group and students to work on. Furthermore you will gather resources and grants for research projects. At the same time, you will be a sounding board for your colleagues and keep connected to the education and research by acting as teacher-researcher. 

One example of our successful projects was commissioned by an agency investigating innovations in healthcare: ‘Seam leakage’ after surgery is a worrisome problem. In the project, our professorship looked for a measuring instrument that maps the quality of the tissue of the intestinal wall. Using the measuring instrument, the micro(blood) circulation of the tissue is made visible and this enables the operating surgeon to make a better decision with the ultimate goal of less 'seam leakage' after surgery. This means less intensive care and faster recovery for the patient. We have worked on this project with many different stakeholders from multiple disciplines like medical experts and technological partners. 

Why will you be doing this?
Because you're passionate about your field. You want to make sure our research group is renowned nationally and internationally. You are strong in terms of contacts; you bring with you a relevant, international network in the field of computer vision & data science which you can use for acquiring projects. On the technical side you will become eager to see our wealth of (industrial) inspection cameras; from UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR and LWIR to hyperspectral. For the analysis of big data, we have our own high-performance computing cluster with an ever increasing amount of GPU computing power for solving the challenging computational tasks involved in this type of research. 

What can you expect to do during a working week
It's Monday morning. You start the working week with your colleagues in a SCRUM meeting. You will discuss problems and challenges, but you will also reflect on the successes of last week. After the meeting, you have an appointment with a potential client about a project we can work on. You had contact with this client earlier on at a conference about new techniques based on deep learning. Always good to keep you network in the loop. Afterwards you are making some inquiries about a grant which can be used for research practices. In the afternoon, you read about the grant policy framework so you can discuss this with the professor. .

Over the course of this week, you will have a progress meeting with two of your clients where you will discuss with them the latest results and future steps. You regularly visit the clients on location, but they also come to you regularly, like this week. The students will join this meeting as well. It’s a great opportunity for them to show their results and to learn more about customer contact. Your working week is almost over when you receive an e-mail from another potential client. When you see a chance you will take it. You will get started on this first thing on Monday. You're looking forward to your next week at work. 

Job requirements:

  • You have a broad network of companies and research institutes in the field of Computer Vision and Data Science;
  • You have demonstrable work experience in writing grants and acquisition of projects from industry in the field of Computer Vision and Data Science;
  • You have demonstrable work experience in the world of Computer Vision, Data Science and Deep Learning;
  • You have a master’s degree or PhD in the field of Computer Vision, Data Science or similar;
  • You have an excellent command of the English language both orally and in writing. 

These characteristics suit you:

  • You are a natural network player;
  • You have the constant urge to discover the latest techniques in our field;
  • You are a bridge builder; you know how to establish and maintain connections both nationally and internationally;
  • You have excellent communication skills, you know how to speak to your clients correctly and clearly and in an enthusiastic way;
  • You maintain a good overview of the different projects. You know how to set the right priorities and you act decisively. You are not afraid to take responsibility;
  • You think in solutions. Sometimes they are simple, sometimes they are innovative. And you always put the client's wishes first;
  • You will get a big smile when you read about and work with the different techniques in the field of computer vision & data science 

Does a portion of the above characteristics apply to you? Then you are the Senior business developer we need! 

These are your employment conditions:

  • As a Senior business developer you have all the space, possibilities and freedom you need to further develop yourself. We invest in your development and facilitate you in obtaining the initial qualification Didactic Competence, if you do not already have it.
  • A workplace with sociable and inspiring colleagues.
  • A good gross salary of up to € 5,831.60 per month with full-time employment.
  • 8% Vacation allowance.
  • 8.3% Year-end bonus
  • Pension scheme through the ABP.
  • Travel allowance.
  • Possibility for paid parental leave.
  • Possibility to exercise for free at our neighbours.
  • You can also use one of our sparkling lunch cafes. 

Just a few reasons to want to work with us

  • Your colleagues have the same passion, and that makes for very pleasant work.
  • We have a treasure chest of facilities; you will be supported with the best equipment.
  • We have a big network of clients.
  • You give substance to this position yourself. So you do it your way. 

Do you recognise yourself in the profile? This is how you can apply for this position
Are you the ideal candidate who fits the above profile? Then hesitate no longer and apply immediately by pressing the 'sollicitatie' button. For questions about the position and/or the procedure, please contact Mathijn Lindstedt via phone number 06-11223081.