Professor IT Security

Doing more, having more impact and immediately seeing the effects in the field. Gathering and sharing knowledge at a high level with the new generation of IT security specialists. Preparing them for the future, putting the IT security research group on the map and being the link between research, education and the professional field. That's what you aspired to last year as an IT security expert.

The summer is here, you are enjoying your holiday and look back on the past year with satisfaction. What a solid contribution you have already made to educational development and the professional field with your knowledge base.

In the meantime, you are already thinking ahead, new plans are emerging; how wonderful that you can uninhibitedly shape the development and positioning of the research group yourself. It's great that you can realise your own ambitions as well as those of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

Can you envision all this? Then you might just be our Professor IT Security.


About NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is an international multi-campus university of applied sciences with eight locations in the north of the Netherlands and four locations spread across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The locations differ in context, education on offer and number of students. Our university of applied sciences boasts a rich history of more than 170 years and, since 1 September 2018, has had its current form through a merger of the NHL and Stenden universities of applied sciences. With more than 2,000 employees, the university provides education for some 23,000 students and offers associate degrees, Bachelor's and Master's programmes in full-time, part-time or dual (working/learning) form.

 The courses are organised into 14 academies within which the connection between education, research and business is shaped by research units. The research focuses on three social issues: (a) the liveability and future of regions (Vital Regions), (b) the rapid and sustainable development of production and entrepreneurship (Smart Sustainable Industries) and (c) the growth and challenges of the service sector (Service Economy). An important starting point is that the research at NHL Stenden fits in with our education and that the subjects we research are closely aligned with the subjects covered by our study programmes. This way, we guarantee the contribution to the personal development of students and to the social progress of the regions in which NHL Stenden is active. Taken together, this creates an interesting educational environment for our students and a challenging working environment for our employees, and we are of direct added value to the professional field.

 Who are we looking for?

 Our Professor IT Security

  • Gets the chance to make a mark in his/her field; you are enterprising, set your own course and go off the beaten track.
  • Has an irrepressible curiosity, is constantly innovating and improving, giving a strong impulse to knowledge development.
  • Inspiringly guides the development and positioning of the new research group and the development of applied/practice-oriented projects.
  • Is a bridge builder; you know how to establish and maintain connections both nationally and internationally.

 Of course, more than anything, we are looking for an Professor IT Security who fits us perfectly in terms of character and motivation. In addition, our ideal candidate is likely:

PhD in a relevant field.

  • A visionary; you have a clear vision on IT security and know how to translate this into education.
  • Knowledge leader in the field of ICT systems, as evidenced by recent publications on technical security threats, their risks and the repressive and preventive security techniques to control them.
  • Strong in terms of contacts; you bring with you a relevant, international network in the academic world and, as the initiator of the research group, you know how to generate support and inspire people.
  • In possession of practical experience with various operating systems and advanced cyber security technologies, malware analyses, penetration tests and digital forensic tools.

 Do you recognise yourself in the points above? Then you might just be our new Professor IT Security.

 Whom do you work with and for?

The initial focus of the research group will be determined in consultation with the Maritime Innovative Techniques research group of the Willem Barentsz Maritime Institute and will focus on maritime cyber-physical systems and their IT security aspects.

You will work within the research unit of the ICT & Creative Technologies Academy. This research unit already has a powerful cluster of activities in the field of Serious Gaming, consisting of the Serious Gaming research group, the Serious Gaming master’s programme and a Simulation and Game-based Learning Lab. It is up to you to create a comparable, mutually reinforcing cluster of activities in the field of IT security. In this position, you will report directly to Peter Mulder, director of the ICT & Creative Technologies Academy.

Are you enthusiastic and curious about what we have to offer you? Then read more about this unique position below.

What will you be doing?

  • From your leading position in the international field of IT security, you will set out to - in consultation with the field of work and education - put the research group at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences on the map.
  • You will work on the basis of a clear vision of future developments in the field and, in close consultation with professors from other universities of applied sciences, you will translate these into a research agenda with national and international impact.
  • You will take responsibility for drawing up strategic short-term and long-term objectives of the research group, but also for directing and conducting innovative and multidisciplinary research.
  • As an authority in the field of IT security, you have an initiating role in developing and providing education within this domain. Examples include the (further) development of IT and cyber security educational programmes and the creation of opportunities for students to contribute to the activities of the research group.
  • You will contribute to the further development of the research unit, the Academy and the ambitions of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

We offer you this

  • As Professor IT Security, you have all the space, possibilities and freedom you need to further develop yourself.
  • A workplace with inspiring colleagues.
  • Want to go on vacation for four weeks in the summer? You can! You have more than 50 holidays with full-time employment.
  • A good gross salary of up to € 7.485,19 per month based on full-time employment.
  • 8% Vacation allowance.
  • 8.3% Year-end bonus.
  • Pension scheme through the ABP.
  • Travel allowance.
  • Possibility for paid parental leave.

Are you enthusiastic after reading this vacancy and do you want to work at the ground-breaking NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences? Are you the figurehead we're looking for? Then hesitate no longer and apply as an Professor IT Security.  You can use this link for this, so it won’t take long.

 The DISC assessment centre will be used during the application procedure. For questions about the position and/or the procedure, please contact Marloes Peereboom (Consultant Effectus-HR) via phone number 00 31 647763816.


NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Effectus-HR are consciously and confidently working together to fill this vacancy. That is why Effectus-HR has been granted exclusivity for this vacancy. Given their completion rate of 93%, we are convinced that a more than suitable candidate will be found for this vacancy as well. Therefore, acquisition in response to this vacancy is neither necessary nor desirable.