Head (Team Leader) of ITESS

Would you like a vital role in new and ground-breaking International Teacher Education in the NHL Stenden Academy of Secondary Education? As of 1 September 2020 NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is looking for a  

Head (Team leader) of ITESS    

International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools 

0,8 - 1,0 fte  

Location: Groningen, the Netherlands 


Where will you be working  

In September 2018, NHL Stenden University started ITESS, a completely new teacher education programme in Groningen, the Netherlands.  

ITESS, International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools, is a four-year bachelor programme which prepares students to be teachers at international and bilingual secondary schools across the world. ITESS is based on a concurrent model: the student teachers have Teaching Practice in each of the four years, allowing integration between subject knowledge / skills and professional capability.   

ITESS started with a group of History students. In 2019, ITESS Mathematics and ITESS English (EAL) were added. ITESS expects to include Science and Geography in September 2020. The ITESS student population is rapidly becoming more international with students coming to Groningen from different parts of the world. The team of lecturers consists of experienced teacher educators. In the coming years, the team will grow by recruiting new lecturers and thus increasing diversity of cultural backgrounds and educational expertise.   

ITESS has a network of international schools for teaching practice placements and cooperation. In its curriculum and educational approach, ITESS seeks to include authentic tasks set by international schools. The ITESS programme is supported and endorsed by organisations in international education like CIS, ECIS, COBIS and the Dutch Nuffic platform of bilingual schools. 

ITESS shares many of its characteristics, much of its curriculum and most of its network with ITEPS, International Teacher Education for Primary Schools. ITESS and ITEPS cooperate with a number of teacher education programmes at partner universities outside the Netherlands. A new Master of International Education will be designed and developed with the Education University of Hong Kong.  

The Academy of Secondary Education offers a wide range of bachelor and master programmes in Dutch teacher education at two locations, Leeuwarden and Groningen.  

Who are we looking for 

A leader who takes ITESS beyond the initial stages of curriculum development and first implementation to a bright and solid future in which its qualities are recognised and welcomed by students and the professional field.  
A leader who serves the team, enabling them to create a social and learning environment where students from different cultural and educational backgrounds feel at home and are encouraged to grow into professionals that meet the high expectations of international schools.  
A team leader who takes responsibility and coaches, manages, connects, and facilitates as needed in the actual phase of organisation and team development.   
A leader who initiates, designs and carries out strategies and policies that ensure the quality of education and research and the continued growth and viability of the ITESS programme.  

You have a leading role in maintaining and extending the ITESS network of schools, partners and international organisations.  

You advise, consult and report directly to the academy director. ITESS has a special position in the Academy, which means you often operate on your own but always in good communication with the academy director and others who need to be informed or consulted.  
Your behaviour and philosophy are aligned and serve as an inspiring example for those around you.  

What will you be doing 

As team leader, you manage a (newly established) team. You support the team in achieving the desired results and simultaneously work on developing a result-responsible team, in line with the philosophy of the university of applied sciences, in a way that suits the concept of servant leadership.   

For you as a team leader, this means in practice that: 

  • You and your result-responsible team are tasked with the development, organisation, execution and evaluation of educational activities in a coherent and challenging curriculum in line with the university’s educational approach. 

  • You are responsible for the coordination of the educational activities, internships and research in ITESS, maintaining both a system and a team culture conducive to quality assurance.  

  • In consultation with the academy director, you initiate, develop and implement strategies and policies to achieve the ITESS mission, to realise its vision and to strengthen its position in a changing environment.  

  • You take the lead in building and extending the ITESS team ensuring its scope, balance, expertise, international outlook, creative enthusiasm and cooperative skills in achieving agreed objectives. 

  • You coach, develop, and assess your team members, for example by holding interviews as part of the interview cycle. 

  • You and your team create and maintain a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment for students from various cultural and educational backgrounds. In your clear, warm and effective communication with individuals and groups, you make them feel at home whilst also providing them with incentives to be ambitious and to discover and prepare themselves for the world of international education.  

  • In consultation with the ITE programme manager and in cooperation with the ITE Teaching Practice coordinator, you extend the ITESS network of international and bilingual schools and their organisations (e.g. CIS, ECIS, COBIS) and you intensify existing forms of cooperation.  

  • You reinforce cooperation with ITEPS (primary) in educational activities, research, professional development and exchange of lecturers / expertise. In coordination with ITEPS you facilitate shared panels like the examination committee, the assessment committee and the programme committee.  

  • In addition to your activities as a team leader, you also have lecturer responsibilities to ensure the 
    connection with the primary process. 

You should have completed at least a master programme and have extensive experience in professional education, both as a lecturer and in a coordinating/management role.  

  • You show an appropriate academic level, having completed at least a master programme. 

  • You have wide and varied experience in international (teacher) education both as a teacher and as a leader. 

  • You have played a leading or substantial role in curriculum and policy development and implementation. 

  • You have experience in operational management, financial accounting and reporting, marketing, and integral HR policy.  

  • You have an excellent command of spoken and written English. You also have at least elemental communicative skills in Dutch and/or the intention to learn the language at the necessary level. 

  • You are enterprising, connective and inventive. You communicate clearly and transparently, setting boundaries and giving space. You ensure that everyone feels listened to, you connect various interests and you know how to harness differences in a team as strengths.  

  • You have a healthy sense of perspective, a capacity for self-reflection and a sense of humour. 

We offer:  
The salary will be determined based on age and experience, to a maximum € 5.564,23 (scale 12) gross per month for a full-time position, excluding 8% holiday allowance and 8,3% end-of-year bonus.   

Start date: 1 September 2020  

The position will be part of the university’s leadership framework. Flexibility of team leaders both in the position and between positions is expected and as such actively managed in HRM policy. An NHL Stenden leadership programme for team leaders has been launched and as a team leader you will participate in it.  

About NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences  
It happens because we make it happen. That is what NHL Stenden believes. We give our students the opportunity to fully develop their talents. In a challenging learning environment, students can guide their own academic and professional growth. We have strong connections with businesses and institutions in the region and abroad. As an international multi-campus university of applied sciences, we encourage students to look beyond their own field of study and participate in innovative projects in order to gain new knowledge. We serve as a meeting place for knowledge flows and cultures to come together, and we are constantly seeking new connections to the professional field. NHL Stenden's ambitious approach results in knowledge that works!   

Are you the enthusiastic and inspiring team leader we are looking for? Send your cover letter and CV via the button, attn. Willem Eikelenboom, Academy Director, referencing vacancy number 2426 AVM.  


You have until Monday 25 of May to apply. The job interviews are planned in the week of the first of June.   


For substantive questions about the position, call Willem Eikelenboom, Academy Director via telephone number +31 6 10 60 49 11.