Head Chef at Kitchen Wannee

1.0 fte

As the head chef at Kitchen Wannee your role extends beyond culinary expertise. Alongside creating exciting and tantalizing recipes you are responsible for managing various aspects of the kitchen’s operations within an educational setting. With a keen eye for detail, strong leadership skills, and a passion for teaching, you will oversee the seamless functioning of the culinary team while imparting knowledge and skills to aspiring chefs.

Whom do you work with and for?

Restaurant Wannee: the future of food
Honesty is the best policy. It’s an old proverb and at Restaurant Wannee, we know better than anyone that honesty also tastes the best by far. We push the boundaries by providing dishes that are fair, flavourful, local, with no artificial flavourings, and where methods of preparation play a major role. Besides striving for taste, we also pay attention to the impact our eating habits have on the planet. At Restaurant Wannee, this is the future of food. As a learning environment, together with students of Hotel Management School NHL Stenden we create a culinary experience for our guests.

Who are we looking for?
As a head chef, your role involves overseeing and managing all aspects of the kitchen operations in a food service establishment.

  • Kitchen Operations Management: 
    You are responsible for the overall management of the kitchen, including food preparation, cooking, and service. This involves ensuring smooth operations, coordinating tasks, and maintaining efficiency and productivity in the kitchen.
  • Menu Planning and Development: 
    You collaborate with the executive chef or culinary team to plan and develop menus. You contribute ideas for new dishes, consider customer preferences, dietary requirements, and seasonal availability of ingredients. You aim to create a diverse and appealing menu that aligns with the establishment's concept and standards.
  • Food Production and Quality Control: 
    You oversee the food production process, ensuring that all dishes are prepared to the established quality standards. You monitor cooking techniques, presentation, and taste profiles to maintain consistency and high-quality food. You may conduct regular inspections and implement quality control measures to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Inventory and Stock Management: 
    You oversee inventory management, including ingredients, supplies, and equipment. This involves monitoring stock levels, placing orders, and ensuring proper storage and rotation practices to minimize waste and control costs. You may also establish relationships with suppliers to negotiate favourable terms.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: 
    You ensure compliance with health and safety regulations in the kitchen. This includes enforcing proper food handling, storage, and sanitation practices. You conduct regular inspections, maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards, and train staff on safety protocols to create a safe working environment.
  • Budgeting and Cost Control: 
    You are responsible for managing the kitchen budget and controlling costs. This includes monitoring food costs, portion control, and waste reduction. You work closely with the management team to develop budgets, analyse financial reports, and identify opportunities for cost savings and revenue growth.

As a head chef you will fulfil the following four roles:


  • Experienced and up to date on developments in the field.
  • Identifies bottlenecks in the execution of the activities and suggests improvements. 
  • Develops on the basis of established teaching and research goals/plans, activities, working practices, methods and (practical) assignments. 
  • Uses tests/feedback to support and assess students in their learning process. 
  • Contributes to the development of teaching and research aids by coming up with ideas.
  • Evaluates the purpose of activities, working practices, methods and (practical) assignments and suggests improvements. 
  • Operational decision making and end responsible for the departments finance, staffing, scheduling, HR tasks, level of expertise and the educational development. 


  • Improving service by communicating and assisting students to understand guest needs. 
  • Providing guidance, feedback and individual coaching when needed for students and team members. 
  • Coaches students regarding work practices, practical assignments, research and/or the use of study materials, machines and instruments, amongst other things.  
  • Checks the students’ work and gives specific feedback. 
  • Coaches the practical facilitators and Jr. practical facilitators of his/her department with educational or work related questions. 
  • Has strong affinity and applies 21st century skills. 

System manager

  • Identifies and solves equipment failures. 
  • Makes suggestions regarding the management, maintenance and purchase of aids, instruments, manager machines, equipment and the fitting out of (practical training) rooms. 
  • Manages and regularly checks the supplies and keeps supply records. 

Team member 

  • Works in the result-responsible team on the team’s joint assignments and oversees them. 
  • Contributes to the transfer of knowledge and actively shares knowledge and experiences. 
  • Actively seeks feedback and feedforward for personal development. 


  • With the students regarding the implementation of working practices and the execution of activities and research, for coaching purposes. 
  • With Head of Department to align daily operations with all departments. 
  • With lecturers regarding the coaching of students, for coordination purposes. 
  • With suppliers of materials regarding purchase and delivery in order to reach agreements.

Knowledge and skills

  • Empowering everyone to provide excellent customer service. 
  • Good theoretical and practical knowledge in the educational field. 
  • Excellent knowledge of and insight into developments in the professional field. 
  • Skilled at instructing and motivating students. 
  • Skilled at planning and developing learning activities, methods, working practices and (practical) assignments. 
  • English Cambridge level C1. 
  • A relevant degree at least at the higher vocational level. 
  • An educational didactic endorsement – or willingness to obtain one. 

We would like to introduce ourselves:

NHL Stenden Hospitality Group: the flavour of your day

A good cup of coffee to start the day, a tasty lunch in the restaurant or ending the day with a drink in the café. Without our guests noticing it, we flavour their day. It is about time we introduce ourselves. We are NHL Stenden Hospitality Group (NHG). Every day we make sure that the employees of our ten outlets are ready to serve you. From Notiz Hotel and Restaurant Wannee to the Espressobar and Café IF: we are your fuel for the day. We are also a pilot kitchen for our students, who gain practical experience in various departments at all our outlets. This is how we reap the benefits of NHL Stenden Hospitality Group together.

Are you enthusiastic and curious about what we have to offer you? Then take another minute to read more about this unique job below.

We offer you this:
A versatile and dynamic position in an organisation that is rapidly evolving and where there is a lot of focus on personal development and room for own initiative and ideas. Your gross salary will be, depending on your knowledge, experience and thus job level, salary range of € 3.018,49 - € 4.158,87 gross per month for a full-time job based on scale 9 of the compensation and benefits of NHG.

NHG also offers attractive terms and conditions including many opportunities in personal and career development, participation in collective health insurance and an employer vitality plan. Other conditions include a structural end of year bonus of 8.3%, paid parental leave, a bicycle scheme and travel compensation as well as other insurance schemes.

The operational hours align with the restaurants opening hours – You will work 5 days per week and depending on your shift this will include a weekend. Working hours are between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Note that flexibility in working hours may be required to accommodate peak periods, special events and public holidays.

The contract is initially for the duration of 1 year but can be extended after successful completion of this period.

Does this vacancy appeal to you? Apply today! Send your motivation and CV (in 1 file) via the application button and stating the vacancy number 3143 NHG.