Auctioneer / Expert Coins (Netherlands)

Who we are

Catawiki hosts weekly auctions for collectors. Examples of items that we have auctioned off in the past include a lock of Napoleon’s hair, a mammoth skeleton, various large meteorites, and the most expensive Lego set ever produced. Our website is visited millions of times every month by our registered users worldwide.

Although we only started a few years ago, our mission to make unique items available to everyone is already becoming a reality. The Catawiki offices across Europe house a dynamic, fast-growing and open organisation. Catawiki has a real ‘hands-on’ mentality, with a casual and friendly atmosphere. We share a strong team-spirit, and all of our inspired employees are motivated to use their own personal talents and skills as part of a whole.

We are very proud to be the first Benelux company to have received an investment from the famous Accel Partners and Lead Edge Capital (first venture capital investors in Facebook, as well as Dropbox, Spotify, and BlaBlaCar).

What you will do

As an auctioneer, you will be closely involved with evaluating and arranging lots submitted by our users. Using your expert knowledge and extensive network, you will be responsible for creating attractive lot listings every week. Catawiki strives to keep user transactions as transparent and fair as possible, and your expertise and experience play a large part in maintaining this standard; you know better than anyone what items are of interest to our users. You will review lot titles, descriptions, and pictures, and provide users with an estimated value based on this information. If you need to reject a submission, you do so in a professional and courteous manner. Your efforts result in exceptional auctions that bidders will find irresistible. We also expect you to keep your own auction interesting by working with our sales department, thereby drawing in new sellers and diversifying the selection of lots offered at your auction. Finally, you’ll also be working together with our marketing department to generate an increase of potential bidder attention at your auction.

Who you are

We do not necessarily require any diplomas or experience in similar functions, however, we do require:

  • Expert knowledge in your field
  • An eye for trade
  • Documented commercial experience
  • Excellent communicative skills
  • A network of potential sellers and experts in your field
  • The diplomatic competence needed to act as mediator in disputes between users
  • Good command of the English language

What we offer

  • Become a vital part of a fast-growing organisation
  • Turn your hobby into your career
  • Flexible hours: between 16 and 40 hours; set your own working hours
  • Work from home
  • Possibility of working part-time
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments
  • Excellent opportunities for career development
  • A fun team that organises events and activities on a regular basis


Please send us an extensive letter of motivation, clearly stating why you are the candidate we're looking for. Please also include your CV by filling in your information at the bottom of this page.