Translator English -> Chinese (Traditional)

Who we are

Catawiki hosts weekly auctions for collectors. Examples of items that we have auctioned off in the past include a lock of Napoleon’s hair, a mammoth skeleton, various large meteorites, and the most expensive Lego set ever produced. Our website is visited millions of times every month by our registered users worldwide.

Although we only started a few years ago, our mission to make unique items available to everyone is already becoming a reality. The Catawiki offices across Europe house a dynamic, fast-growing and open organisation. Catawiki has a real ‘hands-on’ mentality, with a casual and friendly atmosphere. We share a strong team-spirit, and all of our inspired employees are motivated to use their own personal talents and skills as part of a whole.

We are very proud to be the first Benelux company to have received an investment from the famous Accel Partners and Lead Edge Capital (first venture capital investors in Facebook, as well as Dropbox, Spotify, and BlaBlaCar).

What you will do

For the expansion of our translation services, we are looking for native French freelance translators, specialized in translating marketing texts. You will be translating from English into Chinese (Traditional).

Your tasks will include the translation of large, varied texts for our marketing department. This can include Facebook posts, blog posts and newsletters. You will work independently on the translation requests. Because you will work from home, you can be flexible in completing your work. You must be able to meet deadlines and preferably you can work a couple of hours per day.  

We expect a wide availability and flexible attitude from our future freelance translators.

Familiarity with translation software tools is desirable, but not necessary.

You are

  • A native speaker of Chinese and/or
  • An experienced Translator;
  • If you live and work in the Netherlands, you are required to have a VAT-number (BTW nummer) and KvK number. If applicable to your country, please include your VAT/VATIN number and Chamber of Commerce number (for future invoices).
  • These requirements are essential for this position. If you can not fulfil them, we encourage you to consider one of our other roles.


If you would like to be considered for the freelance translator role, please upload your CV. A translation test is part of the selection process.